Vacation is a time to get away and enjoy yourself. This means forgetting about cutting the grass, painting the shed or even cooking dinner every night. While you're on vacation, it's time to be pampered. Eating out at restaurants is, for some, the best part about being on vacation, and they even go as far as to plan their vacation around their favorite food.
In Myrtle Beach, seafood is the menu of choice and why wouldn't it be? They get it fresh daily! Some of the finest seafood restaurants in the country can be found right in South Carolina's Grand Strand, along with a complimentary waterfront view. With over 1,800 restaurants to her credit, don't worry if you don't care for seafood, other cuisines are also available in this dining Mecca. Definitly, one of the top five things to do in Myrtle Beach is looking at some of the best waterfront restaurants here.

Seafood World Buffet
411 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577
  First-time visitors to Myrtle Beach may be puzzled by the proliferation of restaurants advertising "Calabash Seafood." As the story goes, restaurants just over the border in Calabash, North Carolina, were renowned for their fried seafood. When restaurateurs imported the cooking style to the Myrtle Beach area, they dubbed it "Calabash." Today, the term still applies to fried seafood, but also more generically to large buffets featuring seafood.
  The food isn't fancy, but there's plenty of it, and it's plenty tasty. Befitting its name, there are many items featuring crab, including mounds of crab legs. In addition to a number of fried seafood dishes, Seafood World also offers broiled and steamed seafood items along with dozens of other choices (the restaurant says there are 100 in all), including chicken, beef, salads, and vegetables. Save room for the delicious desserts available for after the meal.

  Without a doubt, eating out while on vacation is one of the best parts about being on vacation. After spending so long planning your affordable Myrtle Beach vacation, you finally get to try different foods and visit world-famous restaurants, and there's nothing better than discovering a hole-in-the-wall where you can get a stellar meal at rock bottom prices. So after you book your flights to Myrtle Beach and choose the perfect Myrtle Beach hotel, don't forget to make your dinner reservations. After all, it's a vacation adventure in its own right - onward to dinner!

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